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A Blanket Concierge Service That Will Change Your Outlook On Outside Dining

As we learn to adapt to enjoying our dining in the elements "Warmed Dining" brings the hospitality industry a seamless blanket concierge service that provides your diners an amenity that will keep them comfortable throughout their experience with you.

We personalize for each restaurant, banquet facility, bar/lounge, golf club and winery based on the number of blankets you would like to have each week so your staff can stay focused on attention to the guest's, food and drink preparation but more importantly continuing to have "Happy and Warm Diners".

Warmed Dining helps to ensure that diners are comfortable throughout their meal and or drinks. The more comfortable your guests are, the longer they’ll stay. We have Reliable Teams who have been trained to prepare the blankets in a safe-manner.

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Exactly what I was looking for! Warmed Dining saved my outdoor event!


- Shelia T.

About Warmed Dining CEO


After being in the hospitality industry for 25 years, our founder and CEO watched the pandemic change the way diners dined. She made it her mission to find a way to give diners the ability to be comfortable outside in the elements while restaurants continued to adapt to the daily changes in rules and regulations. 


Her story began with a simple question: How do I create a brand that will exemplify superior service while supporting the hospitality industry in evolving conditions that change daily? Along the way, she’s learned a few things. It’s always time to follow your passion. Have patience with yourself. It takes a lot of ‘No’s’ to equal a ‘Yes!’. Surround yourself with people who help you shine.  

Her partner in crime is a friend who became a business partner. She believed in her idea but even more importantly in her ability to succeed and SHINE! Voila, Warmed Dining was born!